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At Riata Group, we believe in a healthy balance between a product's function and its design. It is our mission to make ingredient transparency and product performance as much of a determining factor as a material's aesthetics and beauty.

A great design can potentially become a dangerous risk, or require expensive tear outs, if the technical attributes of a tile are not taken into consideration at the time of specification and/or installation.



We see dozens of product, specification and installation failures on a daily basis. This translates to a few thousand unique claims each year that we help companies and individuals like you navigate through. Some of these job site failures involve expensive tear outs, while others are a quick, free, easy fix with proper guidance.

Our main focus is helping specifiers, manufacturers, installers and distributors answer technical product questions related to a tile's performance and installation, as well as preparing all the necessary supporting documents (LEED, OSHA SDS, HPD, EPD and various other product certificates) to comply with industry standards, building codes and project criteria.

We consolidate all of the technical information needed to properly manufacture, quality control, specify and sell tile and natural stone, taking ANSI, TCNA, ISO, ASTM, NTCA, USGBC, NSI, ICC, OSHA, and ADA guidelines into consideration.

However, our expertise doesn't stop there. There are many more organizations that focus on health, safety, ingredient reporting and sustainability that influence building material selections and design that we are able to assist with.



Other flooring consultants typically conduct forensic discoveries for product and installation failures and offer their extensive knowledge and expertise during site visits and witness testimony in court. Although these services are tremendously valuable and require a lot of experience, they are unfortunately happening at the tail end of a crisis.

We too offer job site visits and reporting in our services, however it is our belief that integrating technical data into marketing and creating documents and training to get ahead of potential failures can have a bigger impact on your sales and customer relationships. As such, we diligently work directly with factories, retailers, distributors, architects, designers and builders to ensure compliance to industry standards. This approach is paramount and ensures that products can perform as they were designed, and the selections being made have longevity, are safe, non-hazardous and are accompanied by proper documentation.

We also offer unique services and take on custom projects that are currently not being offered by any other company in the industry.



With so many organizations, certifications, requirements and recommendations in place, it is obvious why product ingredients and testing are easily overlooked in the flooring industry and why we see so many job site failures.

There are many outdated standards being followed, deep-rooted industry myths being passed around and a lot of bad information floating around the internet that does a great disservice to the flooring industry as a whole. For these reasons, many industry professionals and reputable companies may not even be aware of what is current for several years after these standards are published and implemented.

Material transparency and worker health and safety are the new "green" and organizations like OSHA and USGBC are creating stricter standards to hold manufacturers, distributors and installers accountable for the products they sell and install. 



Compliance can be difficult without an experienced technical director or service team on staff. This can cost companies tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Those that forgo this type of staffing and expense likely pay out as much or more in claims each year. 

This is where Riata Group comes in. We believe in leveraging technical data as a sales and marketing tool to minimize the overall risk of unexpected product, or job site failures.

ROI can mean something  different to each member type:

  • Minimize claims
  • Educate staff
  • Increase existing sales
  • Open new sales channels
  • Decrease bottom line expenses
  • Improve marketing
  • Provide a competitive edge
  • Ensure compliance to required/specified testing and documents
  • Increase product quality to comply with standards

With over 20 years of experience in the tile and natural stone industry, Riata Group is able to leverage relationships with industry partners to ensure information is current and complete.