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Builder Developer Contractor Installer Tile Sub Natural Stone Wet SawMany builders and contractors come to us when information from tile and stone suppliers is missing, or simply too vague.

They often need the most up to date ANSI A137.1 manufacturing, or ANSI A108 installation standards when faced with tile related obstacles on the job site including warped products, lippage, improper grout joint width recommendations and pattern layouts. These requests often have to do with financial liability so that improper product selections do not come back on the installer as a back charge, or claim.   


  • Is your glass mosaic installation showing shadowing? It may be related to the product not necessarily the installation.
  • Did you know that lippage is allowed as long as it is within ANSI tolerances?
  • Did the supplier send you warped tiles, or ones with varying thickness and you need to know what the industry standard is?
  • Did you know that you should seal unglazed throughbody porcelain products especially those with honed, textured or matte finishes?
  • Are you concerned about OSHA's new respirable silica standards?
  • Do your plans and finish schedule contradict industry standards?
  • Did you know a 12"x24" herringbone pattern goes against the 33% offset recommendation in ANSI A108?
  • Did you know that you may need to seal all 6 sides of certain stones prior to installation or they may rust?
  • How are you going to grout that high relief mosaic in the shower?

We are equipped to answer all the tough questions you need answers to regarding product manufacturing tolerances and proper installation procedures that can prevent potential failures.