Independent Building Materials Sales Reps + Tile & Natural Stone Consultants

Features and Benefits - By Customer Type

We are different than other tile & natural stone consultants in that we focus more on education, information transparency, product manufacturing standards and document creation rather than installation failures (although we address those as well).

There are tons of industry myths and false information floating around the internet, let us help you become experts through your marketing and social media content. We can also help create documents such as Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Health Product Declarations (HPD), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), Master Certificates, BIM Objects, LEED Credit Documents and the like for:

  • Factories, Artisanal Manufacturers and Fabricators
  • Retailers, Distributors and Direct Importers
  • Architects, Designers and Specifiers
  • Builders, Developers and Contractors

In Addition to document creation, we answer technical questions pertaining to industry manufacturing and installation standards and tap into our network of industry partners to be your single source in obtaining current and accurate tile and natural stone industry information. 

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