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DCOF Testing

DCOF Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Acutest ANSI Slip TestingDCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction) testing is offered to comply with current B101, ANSI A137.1 and ANSI A326 methods and guidelines using a BOT 3000E. Additional DCOF and SCOF (static coefficient of friction) methods can be arranged for you with our partnering labs.

For the ANSI method, three samples will be needed (approximately 12"x12") in order to get an accurate result according to standards. However, if a general result is needed, we can work off a single 10"x10" sample. The results of an altered test will be noted as such on the performance certificate.

Many European factories will report R values and use methods like the Pendulum Test. Although they can be used for general comparison as stand alone results, there is no direct correlation or conversion between two different test methods. As such, it is important to go by US industry standards in order to be able to make proper comparisons and selections between two products.

The pricing listed in the FEE SCHEDULE menu is on an individual product basis.