Independent Building Materials Sales Reps + Tile & Natural Stone Consultants

Retailers, Distributors and Direct Importers

Tile and Natural Stone Distributor Containers Direct ImportRetailers, distributors and direct importers often task us with reviewing their marketing materials for outdated test methods, European / ISO testing, or no testing at all being available from overseas and domestic suppliers. It is important to stay on top of ASTM methods and ANSI manufacturing recommendations to compete in the US market on certain types of builds. 

Some VE (value engineering) opportunities cannot be accepted unless an SDS sheet, HPD document, LEED document, or ASTM lab results are provided to comply with the original specifications.

We can help create all of the necessary documents in a format that is understood by US companies, specifiers and end users, to make sure your products are not being disregarded for sale and/or specification, even if your factory or supplier is unable to furnish certain information.

Having technical documents and disclosures makes suppliers more reputable and makes the sales cycle from specification to installation a much smoother process for all parties involved. Educating your staff and becoming a go to resource to your clients on the most up to date product knowledge is paramount to growing sales.


  • Are your trim pieces coming in a different shade than the field tile?
  • Did you know PEI ratings are not recognized as the standard test for abrasion resistance in ANSI A137.1 manufacturing standards?
  • Do you know the proper DCOF to recommend for bathrooms, kitchens, exteriors? 
  • Do you need someone to review your marketing collateral to ensure your technical content is correct? 
  • Can you explain to customers how your products compare to your competition?
  • Need to do a local inspection on an installation/ product failure, but don't want to tie up your sales team?
  • Does your staff have the proper training on products or are they spreading industry myths passed down for the last 20 years?

At Riata Group, we can help you with education, quality and testing standards and help you with all of your product transparency and certificate needs.