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Artisianal Tile Factory Fabricator Glazed Decorative Tile and Natural StoneWe see it all the time, overseas factories produce products to European standards for their global markets and don't have  U.S. standards or ASTM tests on file.

Product information that is necessary to compete in U.S markets is often missing making it difficult to do a side by side performance comparison between products. On the other side of the spectrum, smaller artisanal manufacturers in the U.S. may not be familiar with the most up to date standards, raw ingredient disclosure requirements, or simply don't have the resources and technical team on staff to create these documents when necessary. No matter what the company size, or situation, we can help.

With some very basic product information and documentation you can begin competing in larger markets, selling to large U.S. distributors, targeting Big Box retailers that require technical data for e-commerce sites, have the documents ready for the internet savvy home owner requesting product disclosures.

Compliance to dimensional tolerances, transparency, performance testing and sustainability are important to architects, designers, builders and end users in commercial and residential applications ranging from a few thousand square feet to multiple containers of material.


  • Is the claim against your product an actual defect according to standards
  • Are you compliant to the new OSHA silica standards for tile and stone?
  • Do your artisanal products comply with Lead and Cadmium regulations?
  • Is your natural stone mosaic rusting in the shower?
  • Want the benefits of having a technical director working for you?
  • Do you have an SDS for all the tiles you sell that may be required by an architect?
  • Are you familiar with HPD 2.1 material transparency reporting for LEED V4 credits?  
  • Do you have product usage charts so that your customers know how and where your tiles can be used?
  • Are you familiar with Prop65 reporting requirements of raw ingredients in the states you sell product in? 
  • Do you know the industry standards for warping and dimensional tolerances?
  • Do you know how to take a sample lot for inspection to determine how many tile modules on a mosaic can be skewed?

With membership, we can help you create the documents you need to close a sale, improve your product marketing strategy and provide the information needed to help mitigate product manufacturing claims.