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HPD Health Product Declaration

Worker health and safety as well as raw ingredient reporting are highly regarded and key components in the new LEED V4.1 guidelines. HPD's (Health Product Declarations) are on version 2.1 now and report the contents of building materials along with the associated health benefits/hazards. Material disclosures are the new "green" and there are more point categories pertaining to this than recycled content.  

This differs from an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) in that the SDS only lists hazardous materials and carcinogens, but an HPD lists all present ingredients to create full transparency of raw materials. Proprietary blends can be protected in this reporting.

It is important to upgrade to the most current versions of these types of documents to stay compliant with industry guidelines. Each product type (Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone, Glass, etc.) may require unique templates. Riata  may also be able to accommodate multiple series under a single template as long as the information complies with the HPD guidelines. For additional information regarding multi-item reporting and to get you started on HPD creation, please email us at with your project scope and number of SKU's.