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LEED V4 Documentation

LEED V4 USGBC Sustainability of ceramic, porcelain glass and natural stone products

LEED V4 took affect November 30, 2016. Not only has the points system changed, but the focus of USGBC has shifted primarily towards product transparency and worker health and safety. Many companies have products that qualify for LEED points even if they don't have recycled content and they may not even know it!

Changes to LEED V4 include increasing recycled content from 10%and 20% benchmarks to a 50% minimum. Also regional materials are no longer considered at a 500 mile radius but rather reduced to a 100 mile radius for consideration. The entire point system has changed to focus more on transparency as a whole with HPD and EPD reporting. In mid-2018 the V4.1 update was also introduced.

We provide services that analyze the physical attributes of a tile or natural stone product as well as certain attributes pertaining to manufacturing to determine which credits your products will qualify for. Although points are never guaranteed or assigned to a specific product, we do provide a product certificate along with supporting documentation that identifies the attributes that make a product suitable for submission.

Alternately, we can verify information provided to us by specifiers to determine if what the manufacturer/supplier provided is accurate and compliant to current guidelines.