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Master Grade Certificates

Master Grade Certificats for Division 9 Finish Schedule and 3 Part CSI 9300

Master grade certificates accompany product brochures and provide vital information regarding product attributes from dimensions, to colors, to installation and maintenance methods. This information is listed for liability reasons, typically pertaining to a specific project and use of space, to protect both the specifier and supplier. This document also helps a spec writer create a 3 Part CSI and finish schedule to accompany elevations and plans.

Often times, websites and marketing information do not have all the data points required to create a proper master specification document. If information is missing from a supplier, specifiers and general contractors often allow similar alternatives to be used, even if the performance is not like for like between products.

With a Master Certificate in place that provides specific product characteristics, alternative selections MUST meet the criteria of the Master Certificate before they  can be considered as substitutes. If there is no criteria provided and a Master Certificate is missing, then substituting tiles that are listed in the finish schedule is easy and often done by contractors and tile competitors. Switching products in this manner can be dangerous in terms of safety and product performance and failures.