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SDS Safety Data Sheets

SDS Safety Data Sheet Tile and Natural Stone Silica OSHA

Formerly known as MSDS, the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) contains important information regarding raw ingredients, specifically carcinogens, and the proper handling of tile that may otherwise be hazardous.

Based on ingredient information we can ensure creating this form in compliance to the recommended OSHA format. We are able to provide toxicology analysis for certain ingredients, as well as Sarah and Prop65 compliance as appropriate to identify carcinogens and hazardous ingredients.

Each product type will require a unique template i.e. stone, glass, porcelain/ceramic, decorative wall tile, metal etc. In many cases multiple series can be used under a single template where the ingredients are the same/similar in accordance with the SDS disclosure guidelines.

WHY IS AN SDS USED FOR TILE? This document does not only cover hazardous ingredients, but proper handling of sharp cut edges, skin exposure, and eye protection as well. It is especially crucial for the current OSHA standards regarding respirable silica.