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Standards Updates

ADA NSI ANSI OSHA TCNA USGBC Industry Standards ISO Updates Tile and Natural Stone

Industry standards get updated on a regular bases and full overhauls are done every few years. It is important to stay on top of standards to ensure you are manufacturing, selecting, testing and installing products correctly.

It is a very common occurrence to see industry professionals updated on these types of changes years and years after the standards have already been approved and implemented. There is a bit of an industry ramp up process before installation, sales and specification organizations catch on to the changes that usually takes a good 5 years or so. Yet, it is imperative to be current for liability reasons.

It is also a common occurrence for industry professionals to be misinformed about what a standard actually means because only small portions of the standard are talked about, some standards are difficult to read or understand, some are left intentionally vague and open for interpretation and others may require the purchase of a costly document. Industry marketing, sales techniques and combining the old an new standards together often cause confusion, while the intent of the standard, specific text and charts are lost or misinterpreted in translation. This is widely due to the complexity and comprehension of technical guides and scientific notations, as well as marketing and liability positions that companies decide to take on as a result of these changes and updates.   

Riata provides quarterly updates that are easy to understand for NSI, TCNA, ANSI, ICC, ASTM, ISO, OSHA, ADA and USGBC. With the proper membership package we can also answer any questions you have ad hoc. Although we cannot distribute copyrighted manuals and information, we can provide specific charts, changes and references to standards, so you don't have to spend hours looking for the information.