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Website Review

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We often get asked by tile and stone companies to review their websites or social media posts for accuracy and to make sure all standards, testing and attached documents are current and correct. This creates tremendous credibility for a supplier to have this level of consistency between products and speeds up product specification and purchasing exponentially when all data and links point to the right information. 

This service is limited to 100 pages of review, however we can quote a custom project depending on the size of your product assortment. Document links count as an individual page. This service is only to ensure consistency and accuracy of published information and to note where data, documents, or links may be missing or inaccurate. 

If you need a technical review of HPD, SDS or other technical documents,  those services must be purchased separate from the website review.

We will provide links and screenshots to recommended changes, however we are not able to go into your website back office to make any corrections directly to your site.